Nadiel the Archangel

I would like to thank Estelle for the introduction and high praise. She does have better authorities at her disposal, when it comes all matters concerning angelology and demonology, but she knows as well as I do that the Authority has more pressing matters to attend to. Nonetheless, she’s left all the rest for me to impart to you. I noticed that she failed to mention some pertinent details as to why I’m here, and I take it that she doesn’t want me to spoil the surprise that awaits all patient readers.

I am called Nadiel. I lack a surname because I am older than names. I am an angel. To be even more precise, I am an Archangel, the highest of the twelve orders of angels in what was Heaven. And presently, I am masquerading as Sage Holloway, a fifteen-year-old human-angel hybrid known as a Nephil. Sage is off receiving her training to become a warrior, and as her parents would have problems understanding the reason for her absence, I have been tasked with assuming her place as her clone. So far, her parents haven’t really noticed that there’s any difference between the two of us. I have always been an excellent mimic. It’s nice to know that my skills haven’t faded.

I promise to write every Tuesday until further notice about my history and the history of the angels soon enough, along with the histories of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc, but unfortunately Sage’s summer math tutor assigned her an unforgiving amount of geometry proofs to work on. I would handle it on my own without any trouble at all, but as Sage’s most challenging school subject is math, I have to pretend to ask for her parents’ help in completing it before they go to bed in order to keep up appearances.

Dominus tecum.

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